Open enrollment for the 2023-2024 school year is winding down at Southwest Louisiana Charter Academy School (1700 E. McNeese St.) in Lake Charles. Open enrollment for grades K-8 began January 16th and ends February 10th, 2023, so don't delay and apply now online using the SchoolMint enrollment system.

All applications received within the enrollment period have an equal chance of admission. If you do not have access to the internet or you need assistance, please contact the school at (337) 475-7910. For additional information on applying for the upcoming school year, please see our frequently asked questions.

A system-generated, random lottery will come into play if the number of Open Enrollment applications exceeds the seats available for any grade level. The lottery will be processed to determine who is offered the next available seat at the school. Lottery results will be posted on your SchoolMint Patent Dashboard and emailed to the address entered in the application.

For more info about the lottery, enrollment, or registration, review the school Lottery Rules​​​​​​​. Please keep in mind applications from online enrollment are continuously accepted as space becomes available. This Saturday, February 11, Southwest Louisiana Charter Academy is looking forward to hosting the annual Kindergarten Round-Up. See the flyer for more details and come out and enroll your little one this weekend.


Give Southwest Louisiana Charter Academy a try and discover why they can offer your child the best education in SWLA. For more details about Pre-K enrollment opportunities, click HERE.

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