When the news came out about movie director Ryan Coogler being behind a sequel to Space Jam 2 starring Lebron James,I can't really say that I was excited but as things came along, it seemed like it was bound to happen and there was a newcomer to the mainstream, Terence Nance, who was going to be directing.

Well, news comes today that Nance has been replaced with Malcolm D Lee who's known for hits like Night School, Girl's TripThe Best Man, and more. We know that Lee is a proven movie hitmaker and while we don't know what prompted the change, I can only imagine magic with Coogler, Lee, and James working together.

According to Lebron James, they have also cast Don Cheadle in a very vital role for the movie. There is no release date yet, but when it comes, our kids will get to experience the excitement we had when we went to see the original starring Michael Jordan.

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