Just like most major buildings in SWLA, St. Louis Catholic High School took on a lot of damage during Hurricanes Laura and Delta. The school was forced to add temporary buildings in the back half of its campus for students to have a place for class.

The building itself is old and is now in disarray due to the storms, and questions are starting to arise about the future of the school. Somehow, I was added last night to a group on Facebook called Save St. Louis High School. I have to be honest, I had not gotten the word that there was even talk of moving the school other than downtown where it has always been.

I have no concrete facts on the exact reason as to why the move could take place, but reading posts and comments for the last 18 hours has somewhat filled me in. I also ran across an article on the school's website. Posted on February 1, it simply mentions that due to the damage from Hurricane Laura, a task force has been formed to look into the idea of possibly building a more modern high school in the Lake Area. The post went on to say the task force has presented two options for the new school's location, and it was being discussed.

This is where the Facebook group comes in. According to a few posts, a petition against the move was passed around amongst them. It was signed by, according to the post, over 400 people and turned into the Bishop Provost. It seems there are a lot of people against the move, as the group begins to grow with various opinionated posts. The flip side of those who approve of the move see a chance for a better, more modern school for students to learn in.

The school's website does mention there will be discussions about the possible move through community listening sessions. Those sessions have not be established as of yet.

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