It's about to get weird around here. With the coronavirus pandemic still upon us, it looks like Halloween will look a little bit different this year. Normally we would be getting ready to attend some of our favorite spooky activities, and of course that includes the many haunted houses that set up shop at this time of year.

The Fire Marshal's Office for the State of Louisiana have issued some guidelines and restrictions for haunted houses through an official press release today. Among other things that are listed, they state that "Gov. John Bel Edwards’ latest proclamation regarding COVID-19 mitigation measures for businesses and religious organizations currently calls for indoor amusements like haunted houses to remain closed. But it also allows for amusements to submit a proposal to be given special permission to open".

Haunted House operators who are gearing up to open for the season can access information on how to submit a special request at Some of the restrictions listed include only 25 occupants at any given time, artificial smoke is prohibited, but dry ice will be acceptable, and clear signage for directions and exits must be displayed prominently.

The press release also states that patrons of the haunted attractions are encouraged to develop an emergency meeting location for everyone in the group. They go on to say that children should be informed (in case of need) to find uniformed personnel if no meeting place has been set.

I don't know about you, but Halloween doesn't seem as scary as COVID does this year. Y'all be safe out there.



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