If Dr. Jimmy Guidry is right, we're about to get shut-down again.

State Health Officer Dr. Jimmy Guidry is expecting our collective worlds to be turned upside down, again, this Fall. He believes this Fall season will bring another monstrous and deadly spike in COVID cases. This, of course, will lead to another complete state-wide shutdown, one that I'm not sure we could ever truly rebound from.

He shared his expectations with a legislative committee, and his beliefs come from studying the 1918 Spanish Flu outbreak. With the Spanish Flu, we saw a large wave of initial cases in the Spring, but a much worse and far more deadly wave in the Fall. He says, “They got comfortable and they said not a big deal. Then they had another spike that was almost double the original spike because they stopped doing things that protect people.”

He continued by saying, "If we say hey we don’t need to do this anymore we are good then we see a huge number of folks start getting this and the disease is spreading again then we are back to stay at home and nobody wants to go back to stay at home.”

He also shared his expectations for Louisiana schools with the legislative committee, and those opinions were equally disheartening. He believes that our schools' current success at keeping COVID-19 at bay will come to an end sooner rather than later. He expects as the semester continues students will slack off on prevention measures and the virus will spread.

Here's to hoping we all continue to do our part to keep our numbers down, and of course, hoping a vaccine arrives soon.

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