For the past two years, motorists in Louisiana have been experiencing issues with their inspection stickers, myself and Erik Tee included. The glue on the back hasn't been holding up, causing them to peel off.

According to Commissioner Karen St. Germain, some inspection stations across the state have older inventories and the glue on the back of their stickers don't work that well. You can go to any inspection station and have your inspection sticker replaced at no cost, but with the same expiration date as your current sticker. However, in an effort to deal with the issue, the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles suggests that vehicle owners use clear packaging tape to hold the stickers on the window.

“We’re changing our way of doing things to make sure OMV stations are not stuck replacing inspection stickers,” she said. “It’s called customer service. We can’t let the general public have to worry about this.” - Karen St. Germain

As for the inspection stations who still have those old stickers, the state will replace them at no charge. After all, it isn't the station owners fault.

Also, motorists don't have to worry, "the state will notify law enforcement across the state that taping the stickers to the windshield is approved, for now", said St. Germain.

[Source: WAFB]

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