UPDATE: 10:31 a.m.: Edmonson said he doesn't want to give away too many details of the situation in order to protect the prosecution of Daigle.

UPDATE: 10:27 a.m.: Edmonson said Daigle clearly meant to kill Vincent, not to scare or intimidate him. He said Vincent did "everything right" when it came to approaching the scene. Edmonson said he watched the altercation via Vincent's dash cam.

UPDATE: 10:23 a.m.: Daigle is now being charged with first-degree murder and aggravated assault on a state trooper. Col. Mike Edmonson is holding a press conference and giving the public the first glimpse of some of the passersby that subdued Daigle at the scene. Robert LeDoux disarmed Daigle and handcuffed him. He called LeDoux a hero.

UPDATE, 9:17 a.m.: KPLC reports that Steven Vincent has passed away from his wounds. More details to come. State Police have scheduled a press conference this morning. It is expected that Kevin Daigle's charges will be updated to first-degree murder. Keep checking back for updates.

ORIGINAL POST: Louisiana State Trooper Steven Vincent, 43, remains in critical condition this morning after officials say he was shot in the head after trying to help a motorist.

As Vincent approached a truck stuck in a ditch, the driver exited the vehicle and fired two shots from a sawed-off shotgun. At least one shot struck Vincent in the head. He managed to make it back to his cruiser to radio for help before collapsing.

LSP Col. Mike Edmonson said Vincent suffered neurological damage where "his brain is not telling his body what to do."


Vincent tried to assist motorist

State police report that Vincent responded to a call along La. 14 shortly before 3 p.m. Sunday of a motorist driving recklessly. Vincent came upon the truck in question stuck in a ditch near the intersection of Fruge Road. As Vincent approached the truck, offering assistance to the motorist, Kevin Daigle, 54, fired shots at him. Vincent collapsed near his cruiser, where troopers say Daigle was caught on camera saying, "You're lucky. You're lucky -- you're going to die soon."

Passersby managed to disarm Daigle and subdue him with a struggle, using Vincent's handcuffs to immobilize him. Vincent's family released a statement this morning thanking those passersby:

"The family of Trooper Steven Vincent would like to express our deepest gratitude to the citizens who helped Steven at the scene, all fellow law enforcement, and the people of our community. Your outpouring of support and prayers have truly uplifted and touched our family during this very trying time. We are so blessed by you all. Please continue to pray for Steven's recovery. Thank you all so much!"


Daigle has extensive criminal record

Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff Ivy Woods told KPLC that Daigle had several DWIs on his record, with a total of 12 arrests since 1987. One such arrest included charges of battery on an officer. Others included arson, burglary, theft, drugs, domestic abuse and battery.

Daigle had two addresses in Jeff Davis Parish, but was not living at either of those, Woods said. Daigle was living in Moss Bluff with a friend, whose truck he was driving at the time of the incident. -- KPLCTV.com

Vincent a decorated officer, marathon runner, suffered neurological damage

A husband and father of a 9-year-old son, Vincent has 13 years of experience on the job.

Steven Vincent received a meritorious service award for a 2012 traffic stop that resulted in the arrest of a Slidell bank robbery suspect. -- KPLCTV.com

Vincent is the brother of Iowa Police Chief Keith Vincent and the brother of LSP Trooper Terrell Vincent. Just the day before, Steven Vincent ran a marathon with his brother, Keith. His health regiment may help him in his struggle -- while doctors say his body remains healthy, neurological damage from the shotgun blast has impeded his brain's ability to communicate with the rest of his body.

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