To me, there is nothing like the sound of a thunderstorm at night, especially when I am in and out of that sleepy state known as parenting. The flash of the lightning, the rumble of the thunder, the rhythm of the rain are great relaxation aids. It's like Mother Nature's Ambien or having to sit through an episode of The View. It just makes you want to nod off.

There is a pretty good chance we will experience some of those conditions I have described above during the late evening hours of tonight and the early part of the day on Saturday. The Storm Prediction Center has modified their severe weather forecast to put the I-10 corridor under a marginal threat of severe weather. It now looks as if the most active weather will stay north of U.S. Highway 190 during.

The reason for this increase in shower and storm activity is two-fold. There is an increase in warm moist air flowing in from the Gulf of Mexico today. You'll probably notice a bit of breeze when you step outside today. There is also a cold front now moving through Texas that will interact with that warm moist air to produce the inclement weather.

Many of the forecast models suggest that the rain and storm threat will be ending from the west mid-morning into mid-day across South Louisiana. The greatest threat for showers should be well east of the area by mid-afternoon on Saturday.

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