I knew of the radio host R Dub! and had the chance to meet him here in Lake Charles. He was going around and meeting with various radio people who carried his weekly show. The fact that this man took the time to come and hang out with me in Lake Charles was pretty cool. We of course talked radio and tossed around the idea of carrying "Sunday Night Slow Jams" on our station. We decided to kick the show off during  Valentines Day weekend and as they say the rest is history.

The show has been a success and obviously I am not the only one to think so. He recently got together with alot of his friends and hosted a party celebrating being on over 100 radio stations worldwide. This is something alot of folks can't brag about because this is a phenomenal feat to accomplish and I am glad to have him as part of the 107 Jamz family, check out the celebration below.

R Dub! is also known for providing quality entertainment with concerts in various places and below we caught the one and only Al B Sure live on stage, check out this guy in action.

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