Over the weekend, there was very sad news about two shootings that happened here in Lake Charles that involved two children. One of them died from the injuries of the shooting. He was 10-year-old Jaylyn Citizen. His 17-year-old brother was also injured.

There was a press conference held today to discuss what had been found out about the potential suspect, and where LCPD was on the case. Well, with a sigh of relief, we can now say that a suspect has been arrested and his rap sheet is not something you can blink at.

Felton Thompson was identified and arrested. The suspect is not a native of Lake Charles, and it's unknown whether or not he knew the kids involved personally. He is being charged with aggravated kidnapping, armed robbery, attempted armed robbery with a firearm, and first-degree murder along with numerous other charges.

He was just paroled last year after serving 24 years at Angola for crimes committed in August 1992. His records also show that he was arrested numerous times between 1988 and 1992. There are questions as to why he was here in Lake Charles, so if you have any additional information, please call  Crime Stoppers at 337-491-1311.

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