SZA is having a stellar 2017, with her critically-acclaimed album Ctrl producing her smash hit "Love Galore" featuring Travis Scott. As the songstress continues to rise to the top of the charts, her single has been certified platinum by the RIAA.

With all of the good things happening in her life from her music career, there was a point in time that a very famous veteran rapper she met three years ago didn't see the potential in the lovely singer, and he let her know it. Truth be told, she didn't see her own potential either.

According to AllHipHop, SZA was speaking of Jay-Z.

"He was the first person to tell me that he thought I was a fluke to my face," said SZA. "I laughed and I said, 'So did I.' And I still kind of feel that way."

The singer also went on to add that the veteran rapper and businessman had more to say: "He was just like, you're good. You're pretty good. You're really good. I thought you were a fluke." Talk about brutal honesty, right? At least he said it to her face, and not behind her back. They reportedly both "chuckled" about it.

Probably chuckled because that conversation wasn't awkward at all. That last sentence was sarcasm, FYI.

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