When a male fan took one too many pictures, rapper T.I. didn’t hesitate to let him know he was being a groupie.

People think because you’re famous you have to take photos and sign autographs for everyone. Wrong! The old saying goes “give someone an inch and they take a mile,” well that’s what happened after the fan was on his sixth picture and invading the Atlanta rappers personal space in the process.

I’ve been in radio for over a decade now, and I don’t sweat celebrities about taking pictures. When they come into the radio station for interviews it’s sort of expected for us to get a photo op. It also makes good promotion for the artist and the radio station.

I know to some I’m just a “local Dj,” but there are people who are fans of myself, Erik Tee, and Gina Cook. We’ve personally had to block people from taking photos of us because we didn’t feel they had good intent. I understand where T.I. was coming from. Give the man 50 feet!

Check out the unedited video clips which originally came from the Instagram account of @_GoldenGalaxy.

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