Just a few months after T.I. was sued by investors claiming his cryptocurrency, FLiK Token, had misled them and cost them a ton of money, the price ofFLiK is now up 173 perfect and outperforming some of its biggest competitors, according to a new report from Ethereum World News.

The cryptocurrency news site says that the price of FLik is up to around $0.37 per token at the moment, and could continue to rise. The cryptocurrency market had ultimately crashed in 2018 and FLik was one of the coins that didn't recover, but they're starting to make a decent comeback at the moment, and hopefully things will continue to turn around for Tip and his partner Ryan Felton.

The initial lawsuit stated that Tip and his FLiK Token business partner, Felton, had told investors when they launched in August of 2017 that the opening price was 6 cents per token, but would rise to $14.99 per token with 15 months. That apparently didn't happen, which led to the suit. They never reached that $14.99 figure, but clearly they're doing a lot better than the $0.000110 per token price they were staring down before.

In related news, T.I. recently put another legal matter behind him, after pleading no contest to disorderly conduct charges stemming from an incident with a security guard outside of his gated community back in May. Despite the no contest plea, T.I. wasn't necessarily admitting guilt. Per Fox, "His lawyer said he feels confident a jury would have returned a not guilty verdict, but said T.I. was too busy to undertake a full trial."

All of the charges in the amended accusation were dismissed, and the rapper was ordered to pay a $300 fine, which he "paid immediately."

See a chart documenting the price rice of FLiK Token below.


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