Things get awkward on the set of the Eric Andre Show, so much that rapper T.I. walks off set and knocks over a statue on the way out.

If you know anything about the Eric Andre Show on Adult Swim, you know it can get weirdly out of hand. Rapper T.I. dropped by to interview with host Andre, who began asking some off color questions that TIP wasn’t really feeling. That’s when everything began to go left, as they say. A guy popped out from the floor and startled the rapper, and let’s just say T.I. got him with a swift kick to the neck.

Amongst several NSFW disruptions that went on during the rappers visit, here is where things really took a turn. As T.I. gets up to address host Eric Andre, a guy walks on set with no pants or underwear on. That’s when the “Dope” rapper says, “Ahhhh, s**t I’m gone.” As he leaves set, he knocks over what looks to be a gold lion statue. Watch the clip below.

T.I. later took to Instagram with the below post.

End the end, it was simply all for entertainment purposes, but I’m convinced T.I. had not idea what he was getting himself into before appearing on the show.