Even when he first began his music career, T.I. was never one to be a silent individual whether it was situations with Ludacris or Lil Flip. But lately he has been going back and forth with the government. His latest public rant was going off on Lil Wayne who basically blew off the Black Lives Matter movement and really called him out over the situation.

T.I. recently sat down with The Breakfast Club to talk about the issue and also talked about what he is working on as well as his latest album "Ur Or Else" that really touches the state of America and the issues with Police Brutality.


T.I. Talks Incident With Lil Wayne and The Family Hustle:

If you missed the album, check out the video from the "Us Or Else" release with the video below. I have been a fan of T.I. for the longest and will always be a supporter of his music.

T.I. "Switchin Lanes" ft. Big K.R.I.T and Trev Case:

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