'Family Guy's 'Simpsons' Crossover Premiere Clips
Like it or not, 'Family Guy''s Griffins will make their way to Springfield this coming Sunday for landmark crossover premiere "The Simpsons Guy," and no animated universe is safe. Peter will trade chicken-style fisticuffs with Homer, Bart and Stewie will swap pranks, and mor…
New '24: Live Another Day' Trailer
'24' fans have been excited from the moment 'Live Another Day' was announced, let alone that Mary Lynn Rajskub's Chloe would put in a return appearance, but it seems there may be a world of work ahead before she and Jack can become besties again. Find out about Jack and Chlo…
"Tha Wire" with Gina Cook
Jay-Z isn't just a Hip Hip icon, he's well known for his superior business sense.  From his 40/40 Club franchise, Sean Carter clothing line, ownership in the Brooklyn Nets, Jigga is a beast when it comes to making good business decisions.