Trinidad James

30 Awkward Style Moments in Hip-Hop
Memorable fails from Snoop Dogg, Ghostface Killah, Da Brat, Grandmaster Flash, Fabolous, Ice-T, Diddy and Foxy Brown, among others, prove good music isn't enough to steer clear of the fashion police. Check out 30 Awkward Style Moments in Hip-Hop.
'Tha Wire' with Gina Cook
Racial profiling has been put on front street ever since allegations against Barneys New York and Macy's hit the news.  Now, a former New York cop has filed a discrimination lawsuit.
Trinidad James Calls Out NYC
Trinidad James is not the most lyrical guy, but after interviewing him a few weeks ago I found him to be pretty intelligent. Well he has come under fire from rappers in New York after comments that he made about support of New York rappers. Check out the video below!
'Tha Wire' with Gina Cook
Who knew rapper Trinidad James was so funny?  Hip Hop's newest superstar stopped by Take  It Personal a Hip Hop Improv Show in New York and told the packed crowd about his hilarious run-in with police in Canada.
All Gold Everything [Remix]
Barely a year into the game, Trinidad James is making a huge splash on the charts and the industry, and I'm most certain he's gonna be around for quite a while. James is flying high off the success of his break out single "All Gold Everything," now he's teamed up with a few of Atlanta's Hip-Hop heavy weights for the official remix and it's video.
Check Out The Side Effects Of Drug Use In This Video [NSFW VIDEO!]
After watching this video, you should have no desire to use any kind of drugs whatsoever. Now the clip says that this young man used a Molly, while we don't know for sure. I do think it is evident that he has used something and from the look of the video, it does not agree with him at all! I think it is safe to say that we need to bring back the Say No To Drugs campaign!

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