Tuesday (May 12, 2020), United Way SWLA launched a statewide survey to get an accurate percentage on how much the economic impact of the COVID -19 crisis has affected the Louisiana population. Basically, they want to find out where help is needed so they can rise to the call. If you and your family have been financially impacted by the pandemic, they want your feedback. This survey is anonymous.

All Louisiana families are to take the survey at www.launitedway.org/COVID19-Impact.
Denise Durel, president & CEO of United Way of Southwest Louisiana, explained they want to get a scope on how big the financial burden is for Louisiana families so they can do more to help. Tuesday, United Way SWLA hosted their third food distribution event at the Prien Lake Mall. They gave out 100,000 pounds of food to 2,900 families. More than 700 cars lined up to receive the free groceries.

Help is on the way! One in four Louisiana households have been unexpectedly stripped of savings and whatever assets they had due to this pandemic. Many families find themselves navigating through unfamiliar and uncomfortable financial territory.

The survey will ask questions relating to topics like: what you’re concerned about, if you are having issues paying rent or your mortgage, childcare and well being, bills, mental health issues, job changes, and other real life issues. United Way’s Durel said the survey only take 10 minutes.

Volunteers and donations are always welcome. If you want to help, call United Way SWLA today at 337-433-1088 for more info or visit unitedwayswla.org.

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