Today in Tha Wire Tami Roman, best know as the reality star from Basketball Wives, is gaining a lot attention these days.  Roman has come up with hilarious skits and comedy parodies she affectionately calls, the Bonnet Chronicles.   They're not just funny, but good enough to form a TV show around.  According to reports girlfriend has been doing this for a while online.  Each skit is funnier than the last.  Speaking of which in her latest comedic video, she driving a car and rolling up on people posing as an Uber driver.

To give a brief run-down, in the video below the unsuspecting passenger requested a ride from Uber Black, but they got Roman and Uber Blackish instead!  One word comes to mind FUNNY!!  Peep Ms. Tami's Bonnet Chronicles Instagram videos below!


Here's a couple of other hilarious skits she did.

LMAO!!  Yassssss honey.  Love your humor gurl, you are too funny.  I think you need your own show!  You on some Dave Chapelle mess with these comedy skits.  You go gurl...

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