Today in Tha Wire Chris Brown is back in the news.  Unfortunately these reports aren't good, as the star is being accused of assault.  In a story originally reported by TMZ, the R&B singer was hired for a gig at a club in Tampa, Fl on Sunday April 16, 2017.  Chris was booked by Tampa hotspot, AJA Channelside, and was allegedly paid a $30,000 retainer to perform for an hour.  Breezy's tour was actually in city that night, so it's not like he was going out of his way.  Makin' 30 grand to do a side-gig ain't bad though.

Tampa Bay Times reported the club performance was billed the "Chris Brown and Friends Official After Party," and fans packed the place following Breezy's Amalie Arena show. Unfortunately any chances of a Party Tour encore, were short lived when the star allegedly had a confrontation with a photographer for the club.  At that time the star had only been in the club for five minutes.  After the brief altercation, Breezy and his crew bounced and the party was over.

Police were called to the scene, and when they arrived Bennie L. Vines Jr., a 38-year old club photographer told his side of the story.  He claimed the singer's security asked him to stop taking photos (obviously, he didn't.)  As he proceeded to snap shots, he claims Chris jump over a couch, punched him twice face and split his lip in the process.  Below is a look at ABC News coverage of the incident.

So far Breezy's camp has not come forward with a statement on the matter.  The only good news for the singer right now is, no arrests are expected to come from this.  Tampa PD spokesman, Steve Hegarty, told The Times police had no active investigation either. So if Chris is lucky, this will go away rather quickly.  However the AJA club owners are feeling some type of way, and want their 30K back because Breezy never performed.  At last word, the singer's camp would not respond to the clubs calls.

More than likely Chris will be looking at a lawsuit, if he doesn't return the dough.  He may be sued anyway, because I'm sure the photographer will be trying to cash-in if he can prove the assault went down.

Well this is the last thing Chris needs at this stage in his life and career.  This is not a good look at all.  I will keep you posted with any further details.  Meanwhile, listen for all things entertainment with Tha Wire every weekday on The People's Station 107 Jamz.


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