Durrell Artaze Babbs, better known to the world as the R&B singer/songwriter/actor, Tank, revealed a day ago that he's going deaf. Wow! When I heard that, it made me incredibly sad. Why? I thought about what this could mean for a person who sings and plays instruments, as their whole world revolves around sound. I thought about whether or not he would lose his sense of musicianship if he couldn't hear the notes and, even worse, if he would lose his vocal tone. This is crazy, but hopefully not permanent.

He said doctors have run several tests like an MRI and thankfully, all is well there. Until they learn more, for now they are treating his situation as if he has a very bad case of vertigo. Hopefully, that's all it is and his hearing will be restored sooner rather than later.

We are wishing him the very best, no matter what. Tank has been very upbeat and keeping his fans updated throughout the whole process. Below, he explains what doctors know and where his condition is at this moment.

Tank, you are courageous, and it's good to see you are taking the news in stride. Never give up hope. Keep God first and try to remain positive. We can do all things in Christ Jesus!

With that said, we are praying for your full and speedy recovery. Peace and blessing to Tank and his family. In the meantime, we checkin' for ya new single, Can't Let It Show. It's super dope! Thank you for the music, and keep the hits coming.

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