You may have seen or heard this on the news, but Target has received a lot of flack for carrying greeting cards that cruelly mock Whitney Houston.The store seems to be the only one carrying these cards so far.  Find out what they said about them and what they plan to do.  Plus, hear first hand what they say.  Press play now to hear today's juicy details with Tha Wire.

Frank Ocean may not take this seriously, but the Eagles don't appreciate him sampling their song.  That being said, the groups drummer has reached out to him.  Learn what happened and what Frank had to say about the encounter now.

Finally, a man was found shot to death outside the main gate of Rick Ross's house!  Did Rozy have something to do with it?  What are the police saying?  Who was the man and what was he doing at Rick's house in the first place?  Get the 411 now, press play to hear Tha Wire now: 


A musical about Tupac's life will soon be gracing the stage in New York theaters.  Pac's life and music are the soul inspiration behind the musical which will begin casting soon.  It's called "Holler If You Hear Me" and being directed by Broadway director Kenny Leon.

From the sounds of things, the musical has Afeni Shakur's blessing.  In a interview that took place sometime in 2011, Leon stated " A long time ago, maybe eight or nine years ago, Ive been talking about that with Tupac's mother Afeni, and so we've become fans of each other and she sort of entrusted me with her son's music.  The idea was always to make a musical inspired by his music and not to do an autobiographical approach to his life or anything like that.  And because I always thought that Tupac was a prophet and I thought if everybody could hear his words and hear his stories, they would see what I see."

I personally can't wait!  It sounds extremely exciting.  However, the musical is in it's early stages, so it may by a while before it actually hits theaters.  Don't worry though, I will keep you posted.