The Louisiana Workforce Commission(LWC) announced 350,000 1099-G forms are being mailed out to residents who were received unemployment benefits in 2021. The mailing process is 70% complete and all 1099s are expected to be available in HiRE on the LWC website by Friday January 28. The IRS considers all paid unemployment benefits taxable income. Everyone required to file a tax return must report the total shown in Box 1 on the 1099-G as income.

According to the LWC, 1099-G tax forms will also include ALL stimulus FPUC, LWA and MEUC benefits paid in 2021. If you would like a digital copy of your 1099-G form, visit in HiRE - click Services for Individuals > Unemployment Services, and select Form 1099-G, click on 2021, then click “View” to open a printable PDF copy. If you received a 1099-G for unemployment benefits but you didn't apply for any, it's highly recommended that you report this suspected identity theft.

The IRS advises that anyone who receives a 1099-G in error and it has not been corrected before you file your federal income tax return, you should NOT report the income. For more info from the IRS on identity theft issues, click here.

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