Blackstreet made it's debut in 1994 with group members Teddy Riley, Chauncey Black, David Hollister and Levi Little.  The were and still are one of my all time favorite groups. Boasting hits like "Before I Let Go", "Don't Leave" and "No Diggity" they were the "you know what" back in the day.  However, recently it would

Michael Jackson's "This Is It" - Australian Premiere

seem that the group members are at odds over money and the group name.  Founding members Teddy Riley and Chauncey "Black" Hannibal have filed suit against former members Mark Middleton and Eric Williams, who insistently joined the group in '96, for illegally using the groups name.  Press play to get all the details with Tha Wire.

Mattel Limited Edition-Nicki Minaj Barbie Doll

Thanks to legendary barbie doll maker Mattel, Nicki Minaj is being immortalized in a special limited edition barbie doll!  Unfortunately, fans like you and me, will not get an opportunity to purchase the doll at your local Toys R Us.  One lucky person will get a  chance to get their hands on the this one-of-a-kind doll, if they have the winning bid.  The barbie is being auctioned off with all proceeds going to charity.  I got all the details on when and where.

Muhammad Ali Appeals To Iran In Effort To Free The Two Detained US Hikers

In quick news, I got an update on the Raymond VS Raymond custody battle between Usher and his ex.  Word has it, Tameka wants Usher to take a drug test and he allegedly he has refused.  Plus, Muhammed Ali is home recovering after a Thanksgiving holiday health scare that sent him to the emergency room.

Press play now for all the details with Tha Wire: 


Is Soulja Boy broke?  Well according to reports he's having some serious money issues.  Allegedly, Soulja Boy is facing eviction.  Ironically, this comes after it was reported that the Hip-Hop star was recently caught with cash, drugs and guns in a routine police stop.

TMZ is reporting that the 21 year old has been served with eviction papers.  Supposedly, for falling behind on his rent.  Soulja Boy is said to be late with Novembers rent, which is $4,725.  TMZ is saying he has til today to pay up or he's getting the boot.

On a brighter note, Soulja Boys fourth studio album "Promise" is due early 2012.

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