I was on YouTube yesterday and came across a guy named Teddy Swims from Atlanta, Georgia, doing a version of Luther Vandross' Never Too Much. When I see anyone doing a remake, unfortunately I get on the defensive. First of all, because that is a classic song and secondly because Luther is no longer here with us. You never want to see someone tarnish the image of a person you hold in high regard.

Well, curiosity made me click on the link and at first I thought it was a spoof. However, I was pleasantly surprised with what I heard. What I liked about Teddy's version of it was  that he wasn't trying to overdo the song. However, he was having fun and you can tell he enjoys performing the song.

Teddy Swims- Never Too Much

If that is not enough for you, check out his single for the song, Picky.

Teddy Swims- Picky

Here's another bonus for you that I found. Here he is doing a nice alternative version to singer Mario's Let Me Love You. I think the guy has a pretty bright future ahead of the game with plenty of great music to come. I am excited about this discovery and will be looking into his catalog of music. I recommend you do the same, as well.

Teddy Swims- Let Me Love You

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