About five years ago, I was visiting my mom in Meridian and during our stay, my son had some issues with his car. My wife and I were going all around the city trying to get it worked on and picking up parts for the car. This day, we decided we all needed a break and stopped by the local Cracker Barrel.

Believe me, this was tiring, and getting prices was a little overwhelming as well. What was meant to be a nice visit with my mom turned out to somewhat be a nightmare of sorts due to the problem with the vehicle. While we were sitting there and enjoying our breakfast, we looked up and I saw the guy walk in with a small entourage. Before I realized it, my son said, "That's Big K.R.I.T." from Meridian, who had just recently singed a deal with the legendary Def Jam. He was living in Atlanta, but obviously was home for a quick in-and-out visit. One thing I try to do is respect an individual's personal space, especially when it comes to celebrities. They are always getting bombarded by people wanting pictures and autographs, usually at the most inconvenient time.

However, K.R.I.T. was from the hometown and honestly, I was a fan of his music. While he was from Mississippi, you can tell he was heavily influenced by UGK from his production and flow. So I knew I probably wouldn't get another opportunity. We finished our breakfast and they were wrapping up, as well. I approached their table and introduced myself and disclosed what I do. I apologized for the approach, but I wanted to meet him and see about getting a picture with him. He was very cool and cordial about it and recommended we go outside. Needless to say, this actually made me a bigger fan of this young man.

Since then, I have seen him in concert and been a supporter from afar. I am proud I got the chance to meet him, and I am even happier that he represents my hometown. It's time for us to get some new music, but here is a joint he actually shot in Meridian.

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