Charlamagne The God is known for telling it like it is and stirring up the pot when it comes to controversy. When he met up with conservative television host Tomi Lahren, he got alot of flack from people who didn't feel like it was necessary and shouldn't have happened.

The Breakfast Club decided to invite Jamilah Lemieux and Amber Phillips to come on and talk about what they are doing to spread the news and knowledge pertaining to the black community and their take on not aligning them


Jamilah Lemieux & Amber Phillips Talks To The Breakfast Club:

This was a very insightful interview and this was something that needed to be heard. There are not a lot of forums where they have the chance to talk and get information to the matters. But I feel like the only way that we can get heard and understood is to talk and get an understanding of each other. Props to The Breakfast Club for creating this opportunity for these young ladies to get their points across.

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