The Daily Show is known for touching on various things. It can be political and it can also be about daily struggles that we deal with everyday. Last week Trevor Noah did an interview with Talk Show host Tomi Lahren and the interview got pretty heated.

The interview went viral and there were people all over talking about the way that Trevor handled the interview and touched on alot of things including "Black Lives Matter". Not long after that we saw photos of Charlamagne The God and Tomi Lahren in New York. Needless to say both of them caught flack and some applause as well. This week Trevor stopped by The Breakfast Club to give his thoughts on Donald Trump and his reaction on the flack he got from the Tomi Lahren interview.


The Breakfast Club Talks To Trevor Noah from The Daily Show:

I love interviews where we get the chance to get more incite on celebrities and people when they really touch on important issues. We all have dealt with some form of racism and we need to realize that it may not go anywhere. We don't have to all bow down to it or accept, but we need to understand there are better ways to deal with issues amongst each other. Make sure to check out The Daily Show and catch Trevor Noah on a daily basis.

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