Here's a Christmas story about the time my parents told me, "You Can't Touch This!"
There's a question that's weighed down on me since I was a kid, and I've never had the courage to ask my parents about it. I've finally worked up the courage to sit down with them and confront them about their wrongdoing. I know, I'm being melodramatic. Humor me and my petty memories. Besides, it's possible they'll say they don't remember, so it's a shot in the dark.
There was a night I was supposed to be sleeping, and from my bedroom, I could see into the living room that my parents were gift wrapping an MC Hammer Doll. My excitement was an understatement. MC Hammer was the hottest thing smoking at the time, and considering my older brother got "Hammer Pants" the previous Christmas, it was only right that my I got gifted with my own mini "Hammerman."  There was only one issue, on Christmas day there was no hammer under the tree. Only a hammer to my heart, filled with confusion and disappointment, of which I quickly got over once I saw all of the cool stuff my parents, um. *coughs* I mean Santa, got me. Also, my older brother said we didn't play with dolls, even if it was MC Hammer or GI Joe. I won't tell anyone how he used to play Barbie with our younger female cousin. Oops, cats out the bag now, but I digress. 
I just want to know, who got that MC Hammer Doll. That's it. So wish me luck when I pop the question to my mom and dad. I may video their reaction so I can share it here, so stay posted.

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