People who have been following me know that since my mother passed away back in January, I have really been on my grind to work on myself physically and mentally. Since that time, I have been in the gym five to six times a week. The results are paying off, as I have gotten down 25 pounds since I started.

Over the past two weeks, I have been having a pain in my right ankle. Initially, I truly thought it was from weights. I go pretty hard because I have a goal to get off as much weight as I possibly can and work like heck to keep it off. As of today, I am still having that pain and tomorrow, I have a scheduled appointment with an ankle specialist who can assist with what I need done. I don't feel like I have broken anything, but it is a little abnormal to be having these issues well over two weeks later.

One thing I didn't want to do is allow this to stop me from working out. Over the past few days, I have decided to research some low-impact exercises that can still help me get to where I am trying to go and not pose the threat of any additional injuries. With a little research, I saw swimming, bike riding, and even elliptical aren't very demanding on the ankle and still allow you to get the burn you need to get those calories off.

I recommend everyone take their health seriously. Even if you don't have a thing to lose weight-wise, there is nothing wrong with giving your heart a little boost with some quick adrenaline.

Here is to tomorrow and no bad news, but some positive motivation to continue on my path.

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