In preparation for his forthcoming Westside Story album, The Game has been putting in some serious work in the studio. Apparently, some of that work has been assisted by his fellow Compton native, the legendary Dr. Dre. Game said as much in an post he uploaded to Instagram yesterday (June 4).

"Day 1: WESTSIDE STORY..... #ClosedSession it's just me & these @DrDre beats... I can promise you pain, love, sacrifice & dedication to my craft.... anything else you can get from these Cracker Jack niggas....... my last album.... let's fuckin get it !!!!! #NewStudio #NewEnergy #RIPVeto #ThisOnesForYou," Game captioned the post, which features an image of a futuristic looking studio set up.

At this point, Dre doesn't need any introduction, but in case you've lived under a rock for the last two decades or so, here goes a brief one. Dre played an integral role in developing the soundscape of N.W.A., a Compton-based rap group that broke records on their way to sending shocks to America's system. After that, he pretty much defined the sound of G-Funk with The Chronic, a legendary album that pretty much introduced the world to Snoop Dogg. Oh, and he also brought Eminem to the masses. He's as big a deal as it gets.

But all of that sort of glosses over just how renowned of a producer Dre is in the rap game, and the magic he and Game have made in the past. For Game's debut album, The Documentary, Dre played major roles in producing the hit 50 Cent-assisted single, "How We Do," as well as "Westside Story," which is obviously the name of his new album. We haven't heard Game over Dre production in a minute, but hopefully we don't have to wait much longer.

Peep Game's tantalizing Instagram post below.

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