The first time I saw The Hamiltones live in concert it was during a Anthony Hamilton show in Lafayette. I remember listening to these three guys sing their heart out and being amazed at how they really complimented Anthony as background singers.

I also remember how he allowed them a set where the audience really got the chance to hear how good these guys sounded and I knew that they would be around for a while. Fast forward to 2019 and the guys just released an ep last week and it shows why these guys will be around for years to come. The new release is called "Watch the Ton3s" and while it's only 6 songs including a remix of "MCBYL" it's enough to hold you over until their album is released or until they hit the stage soon. I caught this video on the Facebook page where they gave Old Time Road that take me to church sound.

The Hamiltones do Old Town Road:

Now aside from singing the Donkey Of The Day theme song with Chalamagne Tha God, they also have a new single called Pieces and this one is going to be number one with the right push behind it. All they have to do is get the work done and the rest will follow. Check out the video for that single below.

The Hamiltones- "Pieces":

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