Yesterday was Fat Tuesday the finale of sorts for Mardi Gras season and when I tell you the tides were high for Louisiana, don't take my word for it. I came across a video for a crew of high rollers and I mean that literally. The Laissez Boys are a social aide and leisure club and they really let the good times roll for all of their members. Here they are yesterday taking a stroll down St. Charles in New Orleans.


If you have been following these guys this is a normal routine for them. I am sure there is no better feeling than literally rolling down the streets in your robes, cigar in hand, and being able to recline like you're at home.

I don't know what the criteria are for joining the club, but all I have to do is add some wheels to the one I have at home and maybe we can start our own here in Lake Charles. The Laissez Boys have been together for years and from the looks of it. They will not be stopping anytime soon. Check out a throwback clip of the Krewe in the rare form down those New Orleans streets.




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