Last year did a number on the city of Lake Charles. At the top of the year, the pandemic hit us like a stack of bricks and then two hurricanes back to back basically finished what the pandemic started. So obviously, many of the events we were looking forward to or needed were not gonna happen. One of those events was the Mardi Gras Chicken Run. This was something that was done by Zydeco Artist and homeboy, Chris Ardoin.

Over the years, we have seen everyone from Keith Frank, Tucka, Cupid, and even J Paul come through for a packed Civic Center. The news was announced personally on Chris Ardoin's Instagram page that the Chicken Run is coming back in 2022, and the news spread quickly in the Zydeco circles.

Mardi Gras Chicken Run
Mardi Gras Chicken Run

One thing I will say is that this is a part of the Louisiana culture. I am glad there have been some discussions and resolutions about bringing this festival back. The entire city needs this for the music, food, and good times this event has brought for almost 40 years. Keep listening to 107 Jamz and Magic 92.1 for more details as we are looking forward to working with everyone to help spread the word to the masses.

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