Christmas is only eight short days away, and everyone is scrambling around now to get those last minute gifts while also running into the problem of finding those hard to get items.

Every year, there are those hot items everyone wants but seem so hard to find, and this year with all we have gone through, it's even a bigger problem.

I found a list of all the most desired presents in all fifty states according to HomeSnacks. Some are reasonable, but some of the gifts people want bad are off the wall. For example, in Kentucky the most in-demand gift is Harry Potter Wands. I was like, huh?

In Ohio, most people want an air hockey table for their basement. No wonder that is not desirable in Louisiana because none of us have a basement.  We are more of an outdoor kitchen type folk.

On the normal side of gifts, most states want Apple, Samsung, and Google phones and tablets. So there are some normal gifts people are looking to buy this holiday season.

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So here it is, the most in-demand gift in Louisiana.  No, it's not a crawfish pot or a cast iron pot.  Surprisingly, the most sought after present is the Playstation 5 video game system.

I looked around and these things are going for over $1000 bucks on eBay and other secondary market websites, so not only are they hard to find but also get ready to pay a grand for one.

So no matter if one of these made your list or not, we hope you have a great Christmas and you get something you want this holiday season. Lord knows you deserve it!

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Great Christmas Toys

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