Every tv was either locked to "The Walking Dead" of "Wrestlemania 31" and from the looks of it. I think "Wrestlemania" may have won. Although I haven't really been watching it lately. I have to say that I am still a big fan of the sport and of course alot of the stars on the show.

There were plenty of big matches on last night events, but the thing that caught my eye was when "The Rock" brought out Rhonda Rousey who actually costars with him in the upcoming "Fast 7" to the ring with him last night. They faced off against Triple H and Stephanie Mcmahon. The rest is of course classic history, check out the funny clip below.

The Rock and Rhonda Rousey take on Triple H and Stephanie Mcmahon:

This was perfect set up for the upcoming movie Fast 7 since I am sure will do record numbers at the box office. While there are truly some die hard fans, there are also those who want to see how the movie was finished after the demise of Paul Walker.