Anyone with access to the internet will remember the epic Fast and Furious feud between Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson from last year. For the past week we’ve been closely watching a new growing feud in the #Family between Johnson and costar Tyrese Gibson. It was previously just a few jabs back and fourth via Instagram captions, but the latest development takes this quarrel to new bonkers heights. The sequel to #CandyAssGate has arrived in the form of #DogS–tGate.

First a quick recap: Last week when Universal pushed back the release date for Fast and Furious 9 from 2019 to 2020, many suspected the delay was due to Johnson’s upcoming Hobbs-centric spinoff, set to hit theaters in July of 2019. Gibson confirmed as much, but not without a healthy serving of shade. Gibson went off in an Instagram post calling out Johnson for making the franchise all about himself and causing the delay. Then Johnson fired back, playing the Cool and Collected Daddy™ role as he trailed on about creating “new opportunities” with his spinoff and politely informed his haters (aka “Candy Asses,” aka once Diesel and now Gibson) that they “need not reply.”

The ball was in Gibson’s court, but instead of merely blasting back with another passive-aggressive insult, the model/rapper/actor took the wise advice of no longer stooping to the level of his enemies. Gibson instead surfaced a old video of Johnson tearing the musician’s 2015 album Black Rose to shreds, and my gawd, it is glorious. Behold:

One more time for those in the back: “It’s the biggest piece of dog s–t that I have ever heard,” Johnson said of the album. “Not even a hard, dried-up dog s–t. It’s like the soft baby s–t.” If Gibson is a “passionate film critic,” does that make Johnson a passionate music critic? Or maybe a poop critic? That makes more sense. He has a very apt understanding of various textures of poop from multiple species, so I’d say poop critic.

The video is a bit harsh for Johnson’s standards, who often takes the more Tough But Mature Nice Guy approach with his insults, rather than flat out rude ones. Maybe that’s why this video wasn’t public until now, likely surfaced by Gibson to expose his costar’s less favorable side. (In all honesty I have not heard Black Rose and cannot speak to Gibson’s claim that it’s the “greatest R&B soul album of all time,” but that does seem like quite a stretch.) Keep an eye on Johnson’s various social media for a response and more developments on #DogS–tGate. And someone call Ryan Murphy and put him to work on a new season of Feud.

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