Breaking news, according to NFL Network's Ian Rapoport the Saints do not plan on trading wide receiver Michael Thomas.

Rapoport goes on to add that he was in New York getting weekly treatment for the injury and that he is back in New Orleans now. It seems that the Saints are in the process of repairing the relationship or they have already mended the relationship between themselves and the star wide receiver. The question now becomes is this a smokescreen to let teams know hey he's okay so make some offers. But I tend to believe the reporting and that they are legitimately keeping him because they believe they are in win-now mode. No matter who the quarterback is the Saints need Michael Thomas to make the run they want to this upcoming season. Because as the world saw the Saints wide receiver room is TRASH without Thomas.

Social Media Reactions To The Michael Thomas News

Even though Michael Thomas has a huge cap hit, the Saints are planning on keeping him. If they want any chance at acquiring a quarterback like Russell Wilson then they need Thomas. They still need to draft a wide receiver or pick one up in free agency. However, it is nice knowing that our best weapon outside of Kamara and arguably a top 5 wide receiver when healthy is back on track physically and still committed to the Saints mentally. This news is also huge because we don't know how long Kamara will be suspended, so we need Michael Thomas now more than ever.

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