Judge Ron Ware and Attorney Todd Clemons have opened somewhat of a sore to some who might have thought we forgot. That is the mention for the removal of the confederate statue that sits in front of the courthouse in Lake Charles. To some, this might seem like a new topic of discussion. However, this has been on the minds of many for years, especially Judge Ron Ware, who protested for the removal 25 years ago.

The South Defender's statue was placed on the courthouse lawn in 1915. Ironically, this is before my mother was born and a few years after my grandmother was born. However, the trauma we feel from racism is still as prevalent today.

I have been  a resident of Lake Charles since 2001, but I am originally from Meridian, Mississippi. I am sure you have all heard of Mississippi Burning. Unfortunately, we are also famous for the murders of three civil rights workers by the names of James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, and Michael Schwerner, who were senselessly murdered for an obvious reason that comes to mind.

This statue is a reminder of slavery, segregation, and unequal rights against people who look like me. How is this sitting on the grounds of the courthouse when this is a place of justice? It's simply an eyesore to anyone who passes by and looks up. The time is now for change, and those who want to be in their own worlds should be. How about moving far, far away because the rest of us want to be happy and we want to be treated fairly with no strings attached?

The removal of these reminders of slavery are being done all over, and it's time for it to happen right here in Lake Charles. Just like a piano, sure you can play with the white keys, but guess what? The combination of those with the black keys can create magic.

I am all for the statue being removed and would gladly sign any petition to get it done. However, the decision is going to be up to the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury. I truly hope they will make the right decision for the future of progress for all of us here in Lake Charles.

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