The thunderstorms that raged throughout Calcasieu Parish on Friday night, left nearly 14,000 without power, and caused minor damage to the Lake Charles Civic Center.

The Civic Center was playing host to the Southwest Louisiana Ad and Press Club which was conducting a dress rehearsal for it’s annual Gridiron Show, when the storms knocked a large retractable door off it’s hinges on the Civic Center’s north end.   The busted door made way for the approximately 60 mph winds to blow down part of the indoor stage the group was rehearsing on.  No injuries were reported, and the rehearsals ended for the night.

Further damage was done to the town in the way of several downed power lines, leaving some 14,000 residents without power.  Energy provider, Entergy estimates that power will not be restored until 6:00 A.M. Saturday morning.

Citizens were warned that the Lake Charles Police department had also lost power and telephone service, and that all emergency calls should be made to 911, instead of to their offices.

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