There are times in my life when I am not exactly sure of my reason for being on the planet. Sometimes I feel I am supposed to be here to help share the stories of the day with you as you read along on the Internet. Most of the time the stories that we share together are for our amusement and entertainment. Very seldom, if ever, do we come across a  story that might change your life for the foreseeable future.

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Here in the South where I live the open window is just something we have to have. Sure, we have air conditioning for when it really gets hot but during the mild spring days of April and a few weeks in May, we like to open the windows and let the air conditioning rest for the long summer months ahead.

The one problem with open windows and no screens, like at my house, is the sudden influx of winged creatures into our home. There is none more infuriating than the mosquito. Whose buzzing at night can drive you crazy unless you know this hack.

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Or the other major offender is the wasp. Which can make going into your bedroom dangerous if you don't know this hack.

Once we've cleared the buzzing mosquito and lurking wasp from our homes there is really only one other flying creature that has to go. That creature would be the common housefly. For the love of God, I don't know how these creatures can find the tiniest holes in a screen to get into your house but can't find a wide-open door to figure out how to leave.

Fortunately, we have a Tik Tok hack that will help you rid your home of these disease-carrying pests and you won't even have to use a fly swatter or a salt gun.

Shut my mouth nine ways to Sunday. Really. That's all it takes is a white paper towel? I never knew that flies couldn't see the color white and that they would just sit there and let you smash them. I feel so liberated.


I have white paper towels at the house. All I need now is for a fly to dare try and enter my home. This time I am ready. And if there are any fly guts, we already have a paper towel to clean them up.

Although I have to admit the salt shooting guns look as if they would be a hoot to try too. Let us know if you've tried the white towel fly hack. I have to admit it looks promising.

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