Singer-rapper Tink has been inching ever closer to stardom in the past year: Her Winter's Diary 2: Forever Yours mixtape begat several higher-profile collaborations, including "Don't Tell Nobody" with fellow Chicagoan Jeremih. Her lyrical skills nabbed her a spot among the newest crop of XXL Freshmen, and she slayed her turn in the subsequent Freshmen cypher video. As someone who attended XXL's Freshman Class show in New York City this week, I can attest to the fact that Tink's brief set was a standout — check out their full concert recap here.

Today (July 2), Tink has released the visual for "Million," and the clip proves that dancing is another one of her talents. The Benny Boom-directed clip sees the 20-year-old leading a crew of ski-masked backup dancers, and grooving as she's outlined in a ghostly CMYK-hued aura. Aaliyah's instantly recognizable "One In A Million" chorus loops in the background while Tink sings, "Your love's like my drug I can't live without it," and raps to her prospective paramour in the club. You can check out the video above.

If you haven't already guessed by the trademark "freakyfreakyfreaky" vocal blips in the background, "Million" was produced by Timbaland, who signed Tink to his Mosley Music Group partnership with Epic.

Understandably protective of his late protégé's legacy, the producer explained via Instagram why he tapped Aaliyah's catalog for the song: "I don't touch baby girl's records -- you know that's Aaliyah. I was riding home one day, asleep, she spoke to me in my sleep, and said [Tink's] the one."

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