Being a movie buff, I am a fan of the Horror flicks. I have seen every Freddy, Jason, and Michael Myers movie made. I am also into Science Fiction and Drama movies, but one genre that really gets my attention are the fictional take-over-the-world type movies. While we are currently in a pandemic at the moment, I thought it would be cool to come up with a Top Ten list of movies featuring sick monkeys, zombies, and more.

These are movies that have starred greats like Morgan Freeman, Will Smith, Bruce Willis, and even Brad Pitt. Since we are pretty much locked in for movies and chill, here are some you may or may not have seen. It does make you think a little, as could all these be our reality?

Top Ten Pandemic Movies

There are some theaters reopening and while they are trying to do it as safely as they can, I am one of those who will be waiting it out for awhile. I am cool with my Netflix and chilling for a little while longer, but make sure you pick up a couple of these titles and check them out at your own discretion.

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