True Tha Truth is coming to the aid of graduating students at Houston's Booker T. Washington High School having trouble paying their school dues before graduation.

According to a May 22 news report from Click2Houston, Trae and his Relief Gang charity organization have paid off several of the students' school debt so they could receive their caps and gowns for graduation. The hometown hero visited Booker T. Washington on Tuesday (May 21) and surprised 13 students, who were having trouble paying their $65 fee, and revealed his charitable gift to them.

"It doesn't matter if it was one or two, or if it's 2,000," Trae told Click2Houston. "At the end of the day, we just helping those who need to be helped and that's what we're out here to do."

Thanks to Trae's generosity, all 150 graduating seniors will able able to graduate with their caps and gowns on June 2. The only thing the Houston veteran asked of the high school students is that they pay it forward and help someone else who is in need. Trae also plans to visit three other high schools and pay off more student fees.

This news comes following Trae's rescue efforts of several families afflicted by the flooding in his hometown on May 8. "We're grabbing the families and transporting them through the areas that have water to get them home," Trae told ABC13 of his rescue efforts, which also included students trapped in Woodbridge Forrest Middle School. "They [rescue boats] are coming back and forth so we're doing a pick-up and drop off. It's hundreds of student still here. Staff still here and everything."

Salute to Trae Tha Truth for always keeping the people of H-Town close to his heart.

Watch Click2Houston's News Report on Trae Tha Truth's awesome gift to graduating high school students below.

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