When Trick Daddy gets mad, he gets belligerent. Apparently, Miami rapper and former DJ Khaled associate Nino Brown pissed off the rap vet for using his name in a song without permission, according to XXL.

In the video above, Trick is threatening Brown and telling him to leave Dade County or else. He called Brown every name in the book, and instructed other folks to tied him up if they see Brown in their neighborhoods.

“Somebody let that f--- n---- Nino Brown know he can’t go nowhere in Dade County. Your bitch ass better move to Georgia or Mississippi somewhere,” he seethed.

Trick also revealed why Khaled booted Brown from his label.

“I called Khaled and asked about it,” he says. “Khaled said he been let your fat ass go cause you were trying to take pictures with his money.”

Brown has responded with a diss song on his YouTube page. Rapping over Trick’s 2004 tune, “Let’s Go,” he spits, “Trick f---in' around get stuck in the ground, you don’t know who you f---in’ with."

Brown has also been posting on his Instagram page images of himself holding assault rifles and pointing them at the camera as to suggest he's ready for war.

Hopefully, this feud between Trick Daddy and Nino Brown doesn't get violent and they can resolve their differences peacefully. Either way, this is getting real messy.

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