On last Friday I had the opportunity to interview up and coming Texas artists Trilly Polk (Port Authur) and B. Bankz (Houston). Both artists have independent singles but with Trilly featured on Bankz single.

I first learned about Trilly Polk in 2017 when he immediately caught my attention with his sing/rap flow making him standout amongst his peers on E.S.G.'s South Side Still Holdin (Remix). Fast forward to 2019, he reached out to me via Instagram to close the gap and familiarize Louisiana with his talent and charisma.

B. Bankz also reached out separately after I played Stop It inside the Goin in @ 10 Show on Wednesday nights, which also features Trilly Polk.  It was my first encounter with both artists, but after meeting them I felt like I've been knowing them for quite some time. It's awesome for someone you don't know to look and you and tell you how they've been watching you and they're proud of the moves you've been making. Feels great to be taken seriously when you're from a small town like Lake Charles, and to Bankz and Trilly I say, thank you both.

Check out the video for Stop It below, and Actin Bad On Em at the top of the post.

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