Miami is already hot, but leave it to the Baddest Bitch Trina to heat things up even more. The rapper set it off in the 305 when she got into a brawl outside of Justin’s Bar and Grill in Miami on Sunday (Feb. 21). On set to make an appearance, Trina and her entourage were entering the venue when a shouting match turned physical and thanks to the Shade Room, it was all caught on tape.

The home video starts off near the street in front of the restaurant as a female voice, (possibly Trina’s) can be heard viciously screaming “don’t f—king hold me.” On-goers look around while security tries to detain the situation. But the “Fuck Boy” rhymer is just not having it. Trina stormed through towards the front door and proceeded with her rant. “Take yo ass home with that bullshit! You got beef? Take yo ass home,” she shouted at an unknown male. Trina continued with a few “You’re wrong!”'s too.

The audio gets shaky after that as the man attempts to challenge Trina’s ruling. That’s when things get really turnt up and Trina starts swinging. You can hear her family on deck ready to jump in.  “Don’t hit my cousin,” a male voice shouts. The video ends with security getting in between the scuffle just before ol boy gets pummeled by Trina and her squad.

TMZ reports that Trina was going after a guy who had just been kicked off her tour bus. The footage above is apparently Trina "defending a friend," according to TMZ. "We're told she was trying to tell that guy to cool off and go home instead of fighting, but as she was yelling at him ... he shoved her, and she wasn't having it."

The stop at the restaurant is one of Trina's many rounds promoting her latest "Fuck Boy" single. Her first album since 2010's Amazing is expected to drop some time this year, featuring production from hit-maker Rico Love.

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