I've lived in Lake Charles all of my life and the Calcasieu River Bridge located on Interstate-10 still gives me nightmares, so when I came across this video posted to WorldStarHipHop, I immediately knew where the person in the video was. Brother, we feel your pain.

From the looks of this clip, a truck driver is crossing the infamous I-10 bridge from Westlake into Lake Charles, and regardless to what side of the bridge you cross over, it's scary either way. You can hear the truck driver tell the person recording his anxiety attack, "We're too high in the air! I can see too much s**t! Oh God, it's water up underneath! I'ma die! Oouh oooouh, I don't wanna die",  and my personal favorite, "Aight, I'm almost there! I'm almost there, and I need a Black & Mild!". 

Sir, I'm here to tell you, you're going to need more than a cheap cigar to calm your nerves after crossing that bridge.

I try to avoid crossing the I-10 bridge as much as possible. The increases in traffic since the major industrial construction projects began in Southwest Louisiana, coupled with ongoing construction on the Interstate-210 bridge, makes it all a nightmare each day for area residents. Truth be told, the I-210 bridge is just as frightening to cross.

I don't know the man in the video, but if this happens to find him, here's my best advice to you. The radio station is literally walking distance from the bridge. I drive under it every night when I leave the radio station, and even that makes my nerves bad. I can assure you, the anxiety of having to cross it never goes away.

Our new slogan should be "Welcome to Louisiana! We've got great food and culture, but you have to successfully cross our bridges to get to it first! Come back again, sha!"

Update: The video was originally posted to Facebook by Rosco M. Jaxson, of Sumter, North Carolina. The man in the video is Kevric Spencer of Charlotte, North Carolina. The original video is posted below and has already amassed over 1 million views on its own.