When it comes to improvements, all anyone really wants from Twitter is an edit button. Don't believe me? Just type "I wish Twitter had a/an edit button" in their search bar.

Finally, the social media giant makes a change, and it's not what anyone expected, let alone wanted. Well, kind of. Instead of that highly anticipated edit button, users can now send out 280 character tweets.

Reactions to the news this week have been mixed, with some excited about having additional characters versus the original 140. Some are extremely unsatisfied, while others could care one way or the other. I'm a part of the latter group.

I'll admit, it is good to have some additional characters. Still want that edit button though. Until then, I'll keep deleting my posts when I mess up, and completely retyping them and searching for that perfect gif to really bring my tweets to life. 

How do you feel about Twitter bumping up the character limit from 140 to 280? Tell us in the comments below! 

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