Today in Tha Wire, here's a story that proves Americans aren't the only ones who lose their minds over tennis shoes. According to reports two guys got the beat-down of their lives after scoring an 80-pair sneaker heist.  Over the weekend Adidas re-released the Kanye West "Zebra", Yeezy Boost 350 V2.

Kanye's Zebra Yeezy retails for about $220, and for the second time they arrived in select stores around the world on June 24. The brand describes the celebrated kicks, as White/Core Black/Red. They debuted this year on February 25, through the Adidas web store, the Adidas Confirmed app and Ye's, Yeezy Supply store online. Needless to say, the shoes are near impossible to keep on shelves. Looking to cash-in on the same success as its first launch, the famous shoe maker re-released them.

So there is no question that the Zebra Yeezy is the hottest pair of kicks on the planet right about now.

This past weekend Adidas gave Yeezy fans an opportunity to own the must-have sneaks, by re-releasing the limited edition shoes at a few major retailers.  In addition customers also had the option to purchase them, by using the Adidas Confirmed App. This would be the way to go, because buyers don't have to deal with long lines, or the stamped of crazy people, and the guarantee of authenticity.

Reportedly two men in China thought they killed the game, when they hacked the shoe giants app, and managed to get 80-pairs at one retailer in Shanghai. There's no telling how much they paid for the shoes, but whatever the amount they were going to make double that reselling them. Problem is, they never thought about how they were going get them outta the store.

Onlookers happened to be in the right place, at the right time, when they shot the video below. The Chinese tech-geeks may have outsmarted the app, but didn't count on the ass-whippin they would get trying to walk away with 80 of the most popular shoes on the planet without anyone noticing. See what happened when they guys drop a few boxes.

Chinese Police wound up having to give these boys and escort out the building. Meanwhile, they were never in danger of people stealing the shoes. The problem? These fools bought out the stores entire shipment, in doing so there were no more Yeezy's left for anyone else to buy. So their greed caused people to snap.

Adidas hasn't made any statements in regard to their app being hacked. For more on all things entertainment, tune into Tha Wire daily on The People's Station 107 Jamz.

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